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My name is Christian Baroni and I’m a designer from New York. If you’d like to get in touch, please email or iMessage me.

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I grew up in New York but I'm also Swiss. In my personal identity, I wanted to reflect the design style developed in Switzerland during the 1950s.

Balance is an app for your money that I’ve been working on with Ben Baron and Richard Burton for roughly the past year. It’s currently available for Mac and is coming soon to iOS.

Apple featured Balance for nearly a month.

Stripe was the first company I joined after finishing school. I worked closely with Ludwig Pettersson and Benjamin De Cock, and developed an appreciation for Stripe’s careful and explorative creative process that I value still today.

Microsoft asked me to join the Mac Office design team in early 2011. I worked on several versions of the software, up to Mac Office 2016, and also helped to design Office for iOS.