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My name is Christian Baroni and I’m a designer from New York. If you’re interested in working together, please email or iMessage me.

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I grew up in New York but I'm also Swiss. In my personal identity, I wanted to reflect the design style developed in Switzerland during the 1950s.

Balance is a company I co-founded with Ben Baron and Richard Burton in 2016. It began as a personal finance tool for Mac.

Today, we're building simple, powerful interfaces for the token economy.

Stripe was the first company I joined after finishing school. I worked closely with Ludwig Pettersson and Benjamin De Cock, and developed an appreciation for Stripe’s careful and explorative creative process that I value still today.

Microsoft asked me to join the Mac Office design team in early 2011. I worked on several versions of the software, up to Mac Office 2016, and also helped to design Office for iOS.